10 Graphic Designers You need to follow on Instagram

10 Graphic Designers You need to follow on Instagram

We all know it, we all use it. Instagram is a great place to discover new artists and creators. Here’s a list of 10 Graphic Designers you NEED to follow.

1.       Steven Harrington

With his designs, Steve has built himself a following of over 160k people. And with good reason! His designs are colorful, playful and remind of those old-school cartoons. Photos, videos, and prints of his work are just some of the things you’ll find on his profile. Definitely worth checking him out!

Steven Harrington instagram profile.png

2.       Hey Studio

This graphic design studio based in Barcelona shares the everyday life of graphic designers, as well as some awesome work they do. If you’re thinking of becoming a graphic designer and you’re wondering what you’ll be doing all day, check out their profile.

Hey studio instagram profile.png

3.       Ryan Bosse

With a small following of only 13.3k people, this artist is definitely someone everyone should follow. Poster designs seem to be his area of expertise, but he doesn’t limit himself. Simple designs, videos, labels and everything in between. This creator has something for everyone and is worth your follow.

Ryan Bosse instagram profile.png

4.       Kristian Hay

This graphic designer from Vancouver doesn’t limit himself just to designs on his profile. Here you’ll find moments from his life mixed with some stunning work. Definitely worth checking out!

Kristian hay instagram profile.png

5.       Erik Marinkovich

An artist from San Francisco with a passion for text. With a following of 76.5k people, this designer shares his text-based designs. And they’re one of the best we’ve seen! Check him out, if text based designs is something that pleases your eye!

Erik marinkovich instagram profile.png

6.       Alex Donne-Johnson

The smallest account on this list, but that doesn’t mean he’s not worth your attention! This director with a passion for graphic design shares his music-inspired work and the quality is up there with the best designers.

alex donne-johnson instagram profile.png

7.       Lauren Hom

With a following of 143k people, this is another designer focused on lettering. From posters and simple sketches to labels, this designer has everything! If you’re fond of creative lettering, she is worth your follow!

Lauren hom instagram profile.png

8.       Tad Carpenter

From simple designs to intricate and complicated work. It’s doesn’t seem, like this designer is limited by anything. Letters, nature, animals, logo designs… The list goes on and on.

Tad carpenter instagram profile.png

9.       Supermundane

This designer is all about colors! Trippy art is his area of expertise. His work is painted on stairs, walls and in bars. It’s really pleasing to see some ones work come to life like that. Give this designer a follow!

Supermundane instgram profile.png

10.       Mike Perry

This is another color oriented designer on Instagram. Check out his profile if you share the love of random color posters and sketches.

mike perry instgram profile.png