How to customize your website in 4 easy steps


 If you have any kind of service, blog or a social media presence chances are you have a website. While a simple and snappy website is something to be proud of, you might want to consider customizing it at some point. That’s where this article comes to your aid. Read on and we'll teach you the 4 simple steps to customizing your website.

1. Template

  If you’re not a web-developer and you didn’t hire one to make your website, you’re probably using some kind of website creator. Whether it’s Word Press, Wix, Squarespace, or any other kind of creator, you should have a wide array of website templates. A template is a preset website look with different available features on each one. This is probably one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of your website in just a few minutes.

Picking a template can get intimidating sometimes, so we’re going to walk you through through this though process:

What will you do with your website? Blog? Go simple and easy to navigate and find your content. Graphic design? Go visual, make your website pleasing to the eyes. Photographer? Go full visual. Put your best photos right there in the home page. One thing to consider: everything should be in moderation. Don’t over-stuff your homepage with photos and don’t leave it too plain, with just black on white text.

One you’ve decided on what you want your website to do it should be a lot simpler to pick a template, so explore your options. Use the search bar to find a template that best fits your website description. Don’t pay any attention to colors, as you can change them later on.

When you’ve picked a couple of templates, go full explore mode. A lot of website creators have this function, so use it as much as possible. Check every aspect of the website, click everything. This is how your visitors will see the website. Satisfied? Good, confirm your selected template. And boom, you have a new look!

Note: not all website creators have the ability to change your template later-on, so make an informed decision when starting out. Sometimes there’s no going back!

2. Website banner

Banners are mostly 2 types: a photo with some text on it or just a plain line with some information or your moto. Take a good look at you banner, especially if it’s a plain line. This can be customized to such an extent that you wouldn’t believe! Pick a different color, put different text on it, and maybe even illustrate it. It’s always a good idea to ask a professional to handle this task. Most graphic designers will deliver your finished product in just a few days and you won’t have to worry about quickly learning the basics to design a banner yourself.

A new banner combined with a color change can make your website completely different and unique.

3. Color

This is probably the easiest task to complete and takes just a few minutes (if you’re using a website builder). Here are a few tips for choosing your website colors:

Look-up what color combinations are trending this year. There are many websites with this information and it’s updated quite often (find inspiration for your website here. NOTE: this link will take you to Pinterest).

Choose no more than three color combinations. This will save you time and effort in the next step.

Test your website with each of the color combinations. This will give you the chance to see those colors at action.

Hopefully by now, you’ve already chosen a color combo that fits you best.

4. Fonts

Changing the fonts on your website is another great way to easily customize it. If you’re a creative business/person, stay away from boring and plain fonts and go for something that stands out and catches the eye. On the other hand, if you’re a lawyer, don’t over-kill it. Go with a simple font, but shy away from those everyday ones (New Times Roman, Ariel, etc.).

When choosing fonts for your website, think about how the text represents you or your business. If you’re a lawyer, go with a strong and simple font, if you’re a creative, go a little easy, choose a font that’s a little more rounded (best font combinations here. NOTE: this link will take you to Pinterest).

Customizing your website is a pretty simple process, if you know what you’re doing. Hopefully this article has cleared up some things and you’re ready to make the website you’ve always wanted.