How to Design a Wallpaper Using Canva

How to create Your own wallpapers using Canva

  If you’ve looked into graphic design even a little, you’re probably familiar with a website called From Pinterest pins and Instagram posts to fully custom graphic design pieces, Canva has it all. The one thing Canva is really great for is creating your own wallpapers and maybe even selling them if you’re good at it. Today we’ll look into the process you have to take to design a beautiful wallpaper for yourself and other like-minded people to use.

Step 1: Choose your dimensions

What resolution are you running on your smartphone or desktop? This question can easily be answered by typing into Google “resolution of ……”. Just type your devices name (e.g. iPhone X) and bam! There’s your resolution in pixels (probably). Simple right? Now what do you do with that? Well, it’s even simpler from here. Go to, log-in and at the top right corner you should see a button labeled “Custom dimensions”. Type in your dimensions and design! One thing to consider: resolution might be shown in pixels or points on different websites, you find the ones that show it in pixels and not point.

Step 2: Decide what kind of wallpaper do you want

Do you want a quote? Or maybe just a stock photo with a date that means something to you at the bottom? Whatever it is, Canva has got you covered. Browse through their photo gallery, illustrations and see what works for you. Definitely check out their photo templates! The great part about this step is that you can’t go wrong! It’s entirely up to you, you’re the designer! Go wild, or maybe go conservative, it really doesn’t matter. Drag and drop images or illustrations that you like, change their colors, sizes, orientation and position until you’re completely satisfied with your design! Here are some examples we've cooked up for you.

Step 3: Save your design and put it to use

After you’ve went at it and created your own design, click “Download” button at the top right corner and choose your file type. We’d recommend choosing the JPG file, as this one will definitely work on any device. Your artwork will be rendered in a few seconds and the download should start automatically after that. If it doesn’t, you can click a button at the middle labeled “Download here” and you should be good to go.

Step 3: Where is the “Download” button and my design? (Mobile only)

If you’re using the Canva app to create your design, you should see a “Share” button at the top of your screen. Don’t be intimidated by it, as it doesn’t share your design immediately. Just click it and your design will be rendered and downloaded to your device. You don’t have to share it, if you don’t want to. Your creation will be in one of the folders in your gallery.

Creating your own wallpapers and personalizing your phone or desktop on another level is great fun and everybody should give it a go! Bellow you’ll find some wallpapers that one of our team members cooked up in 5 minutes using Canva for the first time.

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