Free Graphic Design Software


So, you’ve decided to give graphic design a got? Great! I can surely say, it’s one of the most fun jobs I have ever worked. Is it really a job if I enjoy doing it so much? Anyways, getting into graphic design is great at first. You browse through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, you look at what the great designers out there have made and think to yourself: “Yeah, this is what I want to do!” But then… You look up the prices of the software and tech those professionals are using. I was shocked and I’m sure you are a little bit too. Lucky for you there is a great deal of free graphic design software out there to get you started without braking the bank. Here are the 3 free programs that you could use to learn or just to mess around with.

1. Gravit Designer

  This one has been around for ages, and for good reason. It’s one of the easiest to use, has a simple interface and requires about as much work to master as any other program on this list. A great plus for Gravit Designer is that it’s available for download and for using online. We haven’t found any issues or missing features (except for one) on the online version (this tends to happen to minimize loading time on some online programs).

One drawback is that one missing feature on the online version. That is that you can’t upload files and photos from your computer to the program. Other than that, we found no issues and we strongly recommend you check out Gravit Designer.

2. Inkscape

  Inkscape is another great software for new graphic designers. This program is widely used by many – seasoned pros and new designers, like yourself. We couldn’t find anything that would be a major turn – off while using Inkscape. One thing did catch our eyes immediately after opening the program – the interface is a little dated. For many of you this won’t be a problem at all, but for that reader that likes the latest and greatest, this program might not be the best.

As all free programs, Inkscape doesn’t offer everything there is for graphic designers. Some of the missing or buggy features include: gradient mesh type tool and you can’t install extensions on the interface. That said this is still one of the top contenders to use.

3. Krita

  This program is more focused on comic book designers. It’s packed with a load of templates and drawing aids. Easy to use, but the load of features it offers can get overwhelming and confusing at times. Lucky for you, Youtube is here to the rescue. You can find tutorials on pretty much everything and Krita isn’t an exception.

 While looking around the interface one thing is apparent – this software is for those true artists out there. You’re one of them? Well, then look no further, as  Krita is probably the best free option for you.